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Mexico Canada Alliance of Commerce

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The Mexico-Canada Alliance of Commerce is a non-profit organization created by business leaders and professionals whose main objective is to promote business opportunities and improve the understanding of trade opportunities in the outer edges of North America.

Our mission

MCAC is an essential part of of the Mexico-Canada business environment supporting trade and investment in the region. By offering meeting opportunities between Mexican and Canadian business leaders and providing insightful information, we equip our members to successfully face regional trade challenges.

Our goal

To facilitate mutually-beneficial trade negotiations between companies in both countries, based on established free trade agreements. Some of the benefits available to our members include:

Binational Forum

As a national organization, we are proud to provide a forum where companies, industry professionals and individuals can find useful connections and practical advice.

Shared voice

MCAC presents a joint opinion, defending the interests of our members, to federal and provincial entities.


Corporate events, dinners, luncheons, group and individual meetings where industry professionals and business leaders can gather and explore bilateral business opportunities.

Knowledge base

Our members have access to up-to-date information including potential leads and suppliers that can support their business needs.


Members are periodically informed about relevant talks, conferences and publications that are relevant to their industry.


MCAC provides an environment that is conducive to the creation of strategic alliances between Mexican and Canadian stakeholders.

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